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We hope that you will consider joining us in at EGOS 2022 in Vienna for the inaugural subtheme of the new Communication, Performativity and Organization (CPO) standing working group (SWG):

Performing creativity, innovation and change: Communicating to reconfigure the organization

This first sub-theme will invite participants to reflect on a key feature of performative theorizing: what it means to do something “new” if nothing is ever permanent (Cooren & Matte, 2010; Taylor & Van Every, 2011). The sub-theme will challenge traditional conceptions of the role of communication, namely as transmitting a manager-initiated decision to change to other parts of the organization. Instead, a performative view shows that communication performatively brings about change in a continuous way, making salient the dual issue of creating stability and of distinguishing a recognizably “new” reality from an older one (Ford & Ford, 1995). 

You can read the full call on the EGOS website.

As it will likely coincide with the publication of the Routledge Handbook of the Communicative Constitution of Organizations (a project initiated during the 2018 EGOS conference in Tallinn), the SWG’s inaugural subtheme will also be an occasion to invite reflections on how performativity and communication research can mutually develop to elucidate the ways in which organizing takes place and organizations are practically constituted.

Special event: The sub-theme will include a panel with François Cooren, Consuelo Vásquez, Jean-Pascal Gond and Penny Dick, on “Communicative performativity, performative communication: Exploring an emerging terrain?”

You can submit your 3000-word (all-inclusive) short paper until 23:59 CET on Tuesday, January 11, 2022, through the EGOS website. Please follow the guidelines for submission. Accepted authors will need to submit a full paper by June 15.

We look forward to reading your work and to seeing you in Vienna!


The 2022 CPO sub-theme convenors: Nicolas Bencherki, Sophie Del Fa and Alex Wright


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